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Golden monkey tracking at Nyungwe National ParkGolden Monkey trekking is one rare and delightful experience that is worth going in Volcanoes National Park. The must not miss Golden monkey trekking experience, just like Gorilla trekking at Volcanoes National Park starts at 7:00am. The endangered rare species are found in two golden monkey habituated troops at Volcanoes National park, Rwanda, with each group containing about 80 or more individuals each, and are all ready for trekking by tourists. The largest and most visited group lives around the slopes of Mount Sabyinyo with about 100 individuals.

It is also true that some Golden monkey troops are in Gishwati Forest Reserve. Whereas a small group is believed to be surviving in the Nyungwe Forest National park. No golden monkey tracking is however accepted for trackers in both Gishwati Forest Reserve and Nyungwe Forest National park. The groups found here are not habituated and remain wild.


Apart from Volcanoes national park, the other population of golden monkeys are found in Mgahinga gorilla national park in Kisoro district, in the south-western Uganda.

Golden monkey permit-Golden Monkey Tracking

Golden Monkey trekking just like Gorilla trekking requires a trekking permit which is issued form the Rwanda development board at a cheap cost of $100 per permit, person, per trek. The golden monkey trekking permit includes Park entrance fee, ranger fees as well as the government taxes in both countries of Uganda and Rwanda

Why go for golden monkeys?

Like Gorilla trekking, Golden monkey trekking also begins with briefing, the total time spent trekking these awesome creatures can start from at least 30 minutes to more hours depending on the movement speed of the monkeys. Except gorillas and chimpanzees, golden monkeys  do not go into higher altitudes like gorillas hence sparing travelers several hours of hiking.