4×4 Car rental Travel Packing List, Essential packing list, Self drive Car Hire Travel Packing List in Burundi

Burundi is a great country to go on a self drive because of the spectacular scenic drives and numerous camping opportunities. If you think that all you need to do is pack your clothes after booking a car  through 4×4 car rental Burundi then you may end up encountering some inconveniences during your trip like getting bit by insects or getting lost.We want you to have an awesome adventure in Burundi that’s why we have listed down all the Car rental essential packing list to make driving your 4×4 rental car in Burundi even more stress free.
Save yourself from the stoking headache, and confusion of what to pack and what to leave behind when organizing for your most exciting trip. Hit the road ready for your adventure with the following road trip packing list.,,

Google maps safari destination download

Google maps help in the easy identification of the region you will be traveling. Although these Google maps may be given, it’s a great option to download your safari destination area for easy access. This comes handy even when you are offline or when stuck in a place with no service, however it can also be another way of saving your data for other things.

Google maps with the help of “My apps “application helps you create your own map and highlights your stopping points

GPS unit

free hand use navigaterUsing your own portable smart phone instead of a GPS Unit might be your perfect choice but A GPS will save you from the hustle of switching between apps, or exiting the navigation to check out for a new place, which can sometime be so annoying. However, a GPS Unit quickly simplifies the Navigation process and does not require internet.


Driving a car does not mean you are completely protected from the sun that is why it is recommended, you put on sun screen with high SPF to avoid too much sun burn during the hot dry seasons as well as the heat from hotter safari destinations. Some people only apply sunscreen on their arms and legs but bit is important that you also apply them on your face, neck and your sculp.

Prepaid sim card

All long term travelers are advised to purchase or take our 4×4 car rental Burundi prepaid sim cards because you will need access to better connection and full time services in case of any arising problem or car breakdown

Insect repellent

Controlling your precious skin should not disorganize your self-drive safari, better yet you can keep it away from mosquito and other nasty insect bites by using  reliable insect repellent. This will come  handy when you are planning to go for night game drive, hiking in the forest as well as camping. For better results, always try to follow instructions before using.

Awesome digital camera

digital camera
suitable for making good photo shots

This seems to also be pretty obvious and one needs to make best selections of the solid cameras that can make good shots during the day as well as during the night time. Your selected camera should be able to handle all your shooting scenarios,  and should be water proof and shock proof.

Torch or Lantern

These come handy with any trip because you never know what will ever happen with your rental car at night or else camping overnight and you need to set it up as well as cook. On the other hand, head lamps are also a must carry among the essential Ugandan packing list because of the perfect hands free lighting solution such as need to read, cook, hanging a tent among others

Food and drinks

This is one of the most basic need that can’t be left out. Driving yourself for any holiday means you will automatically get hungry and most suburb stores close early, therefore you can get foods and drinks in the  24 hour convenient stores or even supermarkets. You can also opt for healthy snacks including protein bars and whole wheat crackers and of course lots of bottled water instead of sodas.

First Aid Kit

This may seem obvious but you might forget this natural road trip item in your packing list. You may either make your own or purchase a standard one that will act as an added advantage such that in case you experience any illness/ a cough or even a cut during your hiking activity, you will not   scratch In order to search for the immediate pharmacy.


Pair of binoculars-essntial packing listAvid wildlife and bird spotters will always opt for a better look of the long distance sightings in the wilderness, that is why it is always advisable to carry a pair of binoculars such that you get clear views and don’t regret your safari vacation in Uganda


Clothes for your trip

We all want to feel comfortable when driving. The most important thing is to park comfy clothing for your safari including T shirts, relaxed Cargo pants, among others because being uncomfortable on a long car drive is its own special form of torture

The African weather is unpredictable, that is why a full  rain coat or a water proof jacket, comes handy with the every trip you will be organizing.


Toiletries such as Shampoo, hand sanitizers, rolls of toilet paper or wipes, hand lotions,, bug spray, chap sticks among others. These help whenever you take a short brake to the wash room /places of conveniences.