Chutes De La Karera-4×4 Car Rental Burundi

Chutes de la Kagera are  eye catching series of waterfalls in the southeastern Burundi. The water falls are suitably situated near the South of Rutana, covering over 142 hectares, consisting of 6 branches separated on 3 landings.

The chutes de la Karare is a name representing 4 beautiful water falls,m with the pretiests being the the Cascade Nayakai I,wher you can easily park self drive car, whereas the smallest among the 4 falls, Nyakai II, is found at the upstream, an ideal site for an impromptu shower. The smallest water fall is now joined by the Mwawo Falls, before creating the namesake and the tallest waterfall in the region, Karaera falls.

The falls are at its best during the rainy season(wet season from October to January). However, the falls are located 64km south of Gitega , hence there are hardly any public transport to the falls, but renting a car to these falls is the best possible option so that you don’t miss out on your adventure. Rent a car now with 4×4 car rental Burundi.