Ruvubu National Park, Burundi

Ruvubu National Park is the largest national park in Burundi covering a total area of 508 km2 with an  altitude varying between 1,350 m and 1,836 m while the rainfall varies from 1,100 m to 1,200 mm per annum.

It is suitably located in the North-Eastern region of Burundi, bordering a fall within the provinces of Muyinga, Ruyigi, Karuzi and Cankuzo.

The park extends south-westwards from the border with Tanzania along a 65 km stretch of the valley of the Ruvubu River- From which Ruvubu National park derives its name. The Ruvubu River valley consists of a series of meanders flanked by swamp vegetation, gallery forest and further inland, Savannah woodland. The south-western boundary of the park lies some 20 km to the east of the town of Gitega.

The latter comprises Hyparrhenia grassland with Brachystegia , Julbernardia , Combretum and Terminalia spp and Acacia seyal plus Pericopsis and Parinari spp  on hillsides.

Reverie forest lines the Ruvubu, interspersed with areas of Cyperus papyrus and Phoenix reclinata . There are also areas of flood- plain grassland, while papyrus swamps with sparse Syzygium occur along the drainage lines of the smaller valleys. On the high ridge which forms the southern boundary of the park, Protea sp is common. The vegetation of the park includes Zambezian elements at the northern limits of their distribution. The rain season extends from October to May Up to 338 bird species have been recorded, including Ardeola idae, Circus macrourus, Falco naumanni and Gallinago media .

The park is the last vestige of the natural grassland ecosystem which once covered the vast majority of the northeast part of Burundi. It is a habitat to diverse wildlife species, including; hippopotamus, Nile crocodile, Cape buffalo, waterbuck, numerous duiker species, five primate species, including olive baboon, vervet monkey, red colobus monkey, blue monkey, and Senegal bush baby.

Large numbers of water birds occur codominated by Pelecanus onocrotalus and Mycteria ibis. Out of this recorded number of species. In addition, 3 species of the Guinea-Congo Forests biome and 10 of the Afrotropical Highlands

Biome have also been recorded. Around 44 mammal species including panther, baboons, antelopes, buffaloes, jackals, hippos are recorded. Lions also enter the park from the neighboring country of Tanzania.

Getting to Ruvubu National Park-Ruvubu National Park

Ruvubu national park is easily accessed by road as well as Air as it lies just 216km a way from Bujumbura city. It takes about a 5 hours, drive from Bujumbura to the park, whereas about 11 hrs drive from Kampala or Entebbe airport in Uganda.

On the other hand, you can access Bujumbura by taking a flight from your home country to and land in Bujumbura International Airport.

When to visit Ruvubu National Park

Ruvubu is an all-time adventure region that is visited throughout the year, although the best time is during the dry season, when the grasses are short, for a crystal clear photography.

Accommodation at Ruvubu national Park

Think no further because Ruvubbu offers the best adventure accommodation for all travelers. There are camping facilities for the visitors and tourist in the park giving chance to experience this unique habitat by the wild night.

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Things to Do in Ruvubu national Park

  • Wildlife viewing
  • Birdwatching
  • Nature walks