Gitega national Museum

Gitega national Museum-popularly known as Burundi’s largest public Museum  is found in Gitega city. The museum was founded in 1955 by the Belgian colonial rule, with an intention to preserve the artifacts of the Burundian folk culture which were declining as a result of modernization and social change.

The museum is filled with numerous collections of ethnographic and historical objects originating country, as well as artefacts from the court of the Burundian monarchs, all confined in one single room.

It is believed to have been visited by an average of 20-50 visitors per week in  2014, and in 2015, a catalogue of the museum’s collection was published with the support of the German Embassy in Burundi, entitled as “Le Patrimoine Burundais: le Musee de Gitega”.

The museum is also known to have other attractions such as; Musée Vivant with a reptile house, an aquarium, open air theatre, aviary, botanical gardens, collections of musical instruments, weapons and witchcraft tools.

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