Camping Gear/Equipment 4×4 car Rental Burundi 2022-2023

Camping Gear/Equipment 4×4 car Rental Burundi. 4×4 Car Rental Burundi offers a car hire with camping gear; Chairs, tables, kitchen utensils, Cutlery, gas.

Ever wanted to Travel extensively in Burundi with Camping equipment in  a 4×4 Roof Top  rental car? From Experience, We know that your trip is as good as the camping gear you take with you.

4×4 car rental Burundi provides you with a list of camping equipment or gear you will need for your 4×4 self drive safari. The equipment listed below are of good quality and in perfect order.

Standard camping equipment included in the gear rental price

Roof Top Tent,Camping Chairs, Camping table, Electric cooler box/Electric Fridge, 10 litre water container, A torch/camping lights(LCD), Cutting board, Egg lifter, Cuttlery, Serving spoon, Wheel spanner, border crossing documents, Basic tool kit, Fire extinguisher, Butcher Knife, Bread knife, Potato peeler, Butchers Knife, A kettle, A frying pan, Cooking pots/saucepans, Can opener,Bottle opener,Water glasses, Mugs, Knives, Plates

Note That:  If you need any extra camping gear, do not hesitate to ask, 4×4 car rental Burundi will go out of it way to help you equip yourself for a 4×4 rental trip