Gishora Drum Sanctuary-Car rental Deals

Gishora drum sanctuary-BurundiGishora Drum sanctuary is one amongst the prominent drum sites in Burundi and is located 7km from the Urban center of Gitega, along the top of the hill. While the sanctuary is situated 200m along the Gitega Ngozi route.

The sanctuary is known for being founded by King Mwezi Gisabo, after emerging victorious over his rebellious opponent Chief Ntibirangwa. The sanctuary is currently managed by a local community alongside descendants of the ancient lineage of Abanyigisaka, the ritualists with privileges from the royal court.

In the past, the drums in Burundi were a sign of political power of the monarchy and were meant to be beaten on only special occasions being carried out by families of ‘Abatimbo’ such as during the royal enthronement, the sowng festival, Kings’ funeral among other

The sanctuary contains two drums that have never been used or beaten that is to say; the Ruciteme and Murimirwa, meneing the one for whom we clear the forest and the one for whom we cultivate respectively.

The drums were named not only to mean the farming season but also it’s fertily and and the characteristics of the king. However, the sanctuary also has the normal drums including the ‘Ingendanyi’ that is being beaten by the Batimbo only on special occasions of the country.

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Led by a local guide from 4×4 car rental Burundi. Gishora Drum Sanctuary can be visited by all types of travelers, including Long term rental travelers, self drive hire, car rental and driver; Rooftop tent land cruisers; One way car rental from  Burundi to Tanzania; one way rental from Burundi to Rwanda, one way rental from Burundi to Uganda; and one way rental to Kigali.;

These tour experience is suitable for ​​any travelers who need to see Burundi privately or with friends and Family. Gishora Drum Sanctuary has contributed much to music which has proven to be significant to Burundi culture.
The most celebrated cultural experience is the playing of Historical drums- which proved to be much more than the simple Musical instruments.
However, the drums were announcing major events for the king during the royal times, e.g. the royal coronation, funeral, and weddings.
Locals play the drums at major events, particularly during national and international events. They still respect drums just as their ancestors did. Welcoming everyone with warm smiles is the way of life here in Burundi.