Experience Burundi with 4×4 Car rental Burundi.

Landcruiser LX-About Us4×4 Car Rental Burundi specializes in four wheel drive rental cars intended for safe and comfortable travels in Burundi. Our rental cars ranges from small vehicles to 4WD jeeps that specially adapt for Burundi’s road conditions all year round. In addition, we offer specially equipped vehicles for traveling deep into Burundi’s Interior highlands.

Burundi’s 4×4 Car Rental is not a franchise like known rental companies. We pride in flexible and personal service, as well as competitive prices.

4×4 car Rental Burundi is a 4×4 rental self drive experts providing you with 4×4 rental cars to discover some of Burundi’s most pristine wilderness areas. It is our main aim to let you explore and experience Burundi at your pace and freedom on a 4×4 car rental and self-drive safari

We have decided to be Burundi’s 4×4 rental self-drive experts with the renowned comprehensive 4×4 rental fleet in Burundi and back it up with the Car rental services.

Affection for Burundi

4×4 Car Rental Burundi  was established out of love and affection for Burundi  and a close interest in the the wild nature of Burundi. We have been privileged to grow in Burundi and be able to access the national parks and pristine wilderness areas.

These frequent  visits and close encounters with Burundi’s wildlife has left us with an appreciation of how important it is to protect these un spoilt wildernesses and the array of species which occur within them. Burundi’s parks hold exceptionally high biodiversity and you can’t get closer to the real thing than camping in a 4×4 roof top rental car ,whilst listening to the sounds of the bush at night or driving through the authentic scenery not knowing what sighting awaits around the next corner.

We also offer vehicles that are suitable for remote area travel and the mechanical and technical background has helped us in acquiring  strong and high quality 4×4 vehicles and maintain high service levels.

We have used a number of  4×4 vehicle rental models over the years but now choose to partner with Toyota Rav4s and Land cruisers as they are by far the most descent represented rental cars in Burundi,  providing the most comprehensive 4wd vehicles available on the market. Reliability is fundamental to remote area travel.

4×4 Car rental Information

Don’t  be dismayed! Any worries about the  rental process are alleviated by renting from 4×4 Car rental Burundi. Our employess speak English and can guide you through the steps for renting your vacation vehicle in a clear and uncomplicated manner. You will be confident that you made the right choice from our prompt emails to our ‘quoted price as final price’ policy.

Choose the Appropriate  and comfortable Vehicle:

At 4×4 car rental Burundi, we ensure to serve you with the best rental car category! When choosing what type of rental car to  hire, it’s best to think of rental car category suitable  for your itinerary. The 4×4 Car Hire rental cars offers a variety of 4WD vehicles to fit your specific needs. The number of people/luggage in your party, the added comforts and space, and the road/terrain conditions where you’ll be traveling all factor into the final budgetary decision.

What’s more, all rentals include 24/7 countywide road assistance. In our goal  to provide a positive, hassle-free, vacation or business experience, we include needed extras at no cost; extras that other rental companies charge heavily for!

Enjoy More for Less:

For extended periods, 4×4 car rental Burundi long-term rental and vehicle leasing options are perfect for those who own or are looking to work in Burundi. If you’ll be in the  for 30 days or more, our long-term rental plan offers significantly discounted daily rates. If you’re staying for six months or more, take advantage of our individually-tailored lease packages. Lease a trusted  4×4 car rental vehicle and focus on the work-at-hand; leaving the car’s upkeep and Burundi’s’s tax and registration requirements up to us.