Self Drive Car Rental In Burundi; 4×4 Long term Car hire , Rooftop rental and Chauffeur Services

Self driving in Burundi, is on the rise, as compared to the past years, before the country joined the East African community. All self drivers are urged to first consult their embassy before setting foot into the country, as well as purchasing a Burundi driving license. This is because of the existence of poor security, that has resulted to convoy movements of residents government employees.

Burundi is truly a third world country nestled in the heart of East Africa, and has been proven to starting to catch up with the tourism by benefiting from its neighboring countries of Rwanda, Tanzania, and Democratic republic of Congo, although some of her travelers on self drive safaris may extend their trips to Uganda and Kenya.

Probably the standard of driving in Burundi is poor due to the rugged roads, filled with potholes which may easily result into accidents. All car renters driving on the Burundi roads are urged to tightly close the doors and windows to avoid so many inconveniences from other roadside users.

Although some roads are filled with large portholes, some roads in Bujumbura have fair conditions, but still  a problem during rainy seasons, thus can only 4WD can pass through. However, the main National routes are in quite good condition.

Self Drive car Rental and Hire in Burundi is quite expensive due to the higher prices of the fuel, which is as a result of importation of fuel from Kenya and Tanzania. Therefore all self drivers are urged to take note of the high price of fuel, when organizing for a self drive guided tour in Burundi.

Burundi registers the lowest number of tourists because it has less attraction sites as well as attractions not forgetting the nature of the roads.

Currently all car rental companies offering self drive car hire in Burundi, rent their rental fleets only with an experienced and skilled driver or chauffeur, hence no room for self drivers who wish to drive on their own. Therefore most car renters currently book cars from other nearby countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo so as to drive into Burundi and back to their final destination.

Better yet, 4×4 car rental Burundi prides itself in offering self drive car rental chauffeur driven services to its clients, alongside long term car rental, short term car rental, and self drive guided tours to Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya.