One way car rental and hire rental from Bujumbura(Burundi) to Kigali(Rwanda)

Are you planning to pick up your rental car from Bujumbura  and drop off in Kigali or otherwise? Our  4×4 car rental and self drive one way rental with or without a driver come with cross border offers.

4×4 car rental Burundi provides both options, that our self drive rental fleets can be picked from Kigali and be dropped in Bujumbura city or the car can as well be dropped at Kigali after being picked from Bujumbura.

4×4 car rental Burundi has offices and vehicle assets in both Kigali and Bujumbura. We give you the opportunity of picking up a self drive hire car from Bujumbura or Kigali airport and drop it off at either Kigali airport or in any  of the hotels in Kigali otherwise you can as well drop it off in Bujumbura international airport , or any other city location of Gitega, Ngozi, Muramvya, Rutana, Bururi, Ruyigi, Makamba Chibitoke among others at the end of your self-drive trip through Burundi.

For cross border self drive rental between Kigali, Bujumbura, 4×4 car rental  Burundi will help you  purchase Comesa across border insurance in advance for you, so that you can avoid delays at the border crossing to kigali. We shall also arrange for the hirer the required cross border authorization documents alongside vehicle registration documents in advance to avoid inconveniences with the road traffic police.  We prepare everything you require for your self drive  or chauffeur drive so that everything works out for your self drive adventure in both Burundi and Rwanda.

4×4 car rental Uganda also provides car rental with driver car hire services out of Kigali international airport and Bujumbura international Airport,  Gitega airport, Rutana, Ruyigi, Ngozi, Bururi, Chibitoke, muramvya, Makamba etc  for both rentals within Burundi, Rwanda or cross border rental between Burundi and Rwanda. We work with professional, experienced, English speaking driver guides who know Burundi and Rwanda extremely well including the routes, the cultures, the history, the traditions, the primates, the wildlife, the people, the tribes and everything else that need to be known about Burundi and Rwanda. Our driver guides would thus be a great asset to have along for the trip. We deliver 4×4 self drive hire vehicles to Bujumbura International airport and hire vehicles can be returned at Kigali airport on departure at the end of the car rental and hire period. We also have the flexibility of dropping off vehicles at a number of locations throughout Kigali and other hotels within Rwanda.

For one way rental, we request for a pocket friendly vehicle return fee to cover fuel and driver fees to return the hire car to the original car hire location of either Kigali or Bujumbura.